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Paytren : Here's How To Start It

Here's How To Start It

How do I start this business and how to run it?
Where should I start and what should I prepare?
That is the fundamental question that is often proposed by the majority of new mitra2 who want to start doing business.

Here are some basic steps on how to start a business to run this Paytren:

1. Master the products to be sold

The products that we will sell the license application is Paytren business value.
Mastering the products that we will sell / promote will help us deliver and provide an overview of product benefits and business opportunities.

Have you been a Paytren application? What do you think?
Do your users ANDROID?
Do you know who the owner of this company? What is the value of rest?
You already know our company profile? What is the value of rest?
What made you want to sell and run this business?

2. Build a list of names / LIST BUILDING

The list of names that you FIRST asset in running any business, let alone have a network-based business.
The purpose of making the list of names is so that you are more measurable and clear, has a map to go, set a schedule and strategy to start opening your business network.

The list of names was not just a series of names in your phone contacts, but more than that in which there is no assessment and evaluation criteria that are arranged.

The list of names must be registered and details
Make a list of names do not have selective
Add a new roster from day to day

3. Create a marketing Tools

Most of us more quickly grasp and understanding of VISUAL than words.
Try to note: Which do you think is more attractive and easy to grasp, if an ad on TV or radio?
The definition of marketing tools that are equipment / facility to demonstrate and show directly to the customer (your potential prospects).

The following marketing tools that you can create to demonstrate to consumers:

Brochure / flyer, flipchart
applications Paytren
Name Tag / Business Card
Registration Form

4. Promotion

Promotion is create a picture of the product to consumers for them to buy our products.
Promotions that there are no restrictions should be this way or that ... BUT it's a good promotion berstrategi, valuable and provide benefit to the consumer / potential partners.

Want ONLINE or OFFLINE? Choose the one that would be the first time your FOCUS.
Want one man show or event? (Both ways will result in duplication of different networks, so your focus is everywhere)
Want berstrategi or what? (Consider what would happen with OUTCOME if the promotion is done by strategy or whatever they are).
Have we deserve to be personally who are ready to be promoted?
Create a personal branding
Spirit, enthusiasm and character

Promotion must be repeated and repeated ...
Note the ads on TV, radio etc ... is one serving? or berulang2? ..
So do not ever assume that the first time the promotion to someone deemed complete and will create the results ....

Recurrence promotion we do will create the effect of a chain of business that our friend, our customers and anyone who cares for us when promoted.

5. Follow Up

The success they buy a product or join us, 90% is determined by FOLLOW UP, because not everyone (customers / prospects) purchase or sign up instantly when you promotional / sell.

Follow-up was to be 1 X 24 hours (Because the campaign that we have done and are still fresh diingatannya and taking care not to change your mind).
Edifikasi second person (he means to ask for help sponsor you if customers / prospects that you face has more status above us)
Follow-up was to be a direct contact (to get a clear picture)
Use different techniques

Note the ads on TV, how many repetitions of impressions that appear on the screen we in hours and different days.

6. Duplication Network

This business is based on the network, then any that we do should be copied by our network.
So you are required to duplicate the things below:

The use of its Paytren
Active in the activity / event its
Speech / style sale
Attitude and how we look
What do you read / watch

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